The Law Firm

The law firm was established in 1998 by legal professionals from some of the most renowned law firms, who have joined their efforts in order to improve the practice of law and the provision of personalized services.
We are an office that seeks innovative, safe and effective legal solutions for our clients and their businesses through a cost-efficient structure and with the most updated resources for practicing law.
The office had the opportunity to implement projects for companies of the most varied sectors of the Brazilian economy, which include:

Market Segments

  • Oil, gas and ethanol
  • Heavy construction
  • Infrastructure of ports, airports and tollways
  • Real estate market and property development
  • Hydro, thermal, nuclear, solar and wind sources
  • Electrical sector (generation and transmission)
  • Import and export
  • Logistics
  • Industries in general
  • Internet and information technology
  • Steel
  • Mass media
  • Telecom

The office has achieved a solid professional reputation and today it has become a benchmark for quality in its areas of expertise.