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Former Professor of the MBA in Economics and Business Law at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) for 7 years, the youngest Professor to teach in the MBA.

Former Professor of Graduation and Postgraduation at Cândido Mendes University (UCAM) and of Previ – Law and Finance Course.

Former Academic Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Tax Law at FGV in Porto Alegre.

Masters Degree in Tax Law at UCAM.

Construction Laywer of the Year 2013.

Leading Individual on Aviation/Airports Chambers Latin America 2015 and 2016.

Ranked by Expert Guides in the area of Public Transportation (2017 Edition).

Lecturer on Tax and Infrastructure and Concessions.

Author and Co-Author of books and of several articles published in specialized magazines and in newspapers of widespread circulation.

Author of the books ” Tax Law  and Interpretation According to the Constitution” (Dialética, 2002) and “Airport Law and Privatization of Airports in Brazil” (Lumen Juris, 2015).


IV International Tax Law Conference of Rio de Janeiro, spoke at the panel “Legal Persons Holding Image Rights, Social Security and Tax Aspects, International Experience, Extension of the concept of Salary and Other Remuneration (Rio de Janeiro, March 2019)


Airport Infrastructure Forum (IBMEC Foundation), spoke on the theme “New Directions for Regional Aviation” (São Paulo, November 2015)

III Seminar on Petroleum Taxation & Gas, spoke on the theme “Consortia in the Oil Industry” (Rio de Janeiro, November 2015)

Brazil – Argentina Seminar on Aeronautical Law, spoke on the theme “Airport Law: Current and Future Privatizations of Brazilian Airports” at the IAB – Brazilian Lawyers Institute (Rio de Janeiro, September 2015)

Seminar on the Tax Procedure in the New Code of Civil Procedure, organized by the GDT-Group of Tax Debates, spoke on the theme “The New Regime of Provisional Tutorship” (Rio de Janeiro, May 2015)


National Trade Union of the Heavy Construction Industry – SINICON (Salvador, September 2013), presented a seminar on the “Disclaimer of the Salary Sheet”

WALA World Conference (Montreal, CAN, September 2013), presented and mediated panel on “Concession of Airports in Brazil – Updates”

Group of Tax Debates – GDT (Rio de Janeiro, January 2013), presented the theme “The New Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue”


Forum of Investors in Airport Infrastructure (São Paulo, December 2012), coordinated by SITA. He spoke on the theme “Legal Aspects: Lessons Learned”.

Second International Seminar on Tourism Law, Transport and Airports (Montevideo, URG, November 2012). Participated in the Panel “Transport, Tourism and Airports” Seminar Insurance and Airport Aspects.

Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, ARG (May 2012). Participated in the Panel “Legal and Regulatory Aspects of the Concession of the Airport Service in Brazil”.


6th National FIESP Transport & Logistics Meeting (São Paulo, June, 2011). Invited to participate in the Panel Airports Concession: Time for Decision. Over 1,200 people attended to this event.

Japanese Chamber of Commerce, São Paulo, on Tax Liabilities of Company’s Officers and Shareholders (São Paulo, January, 2011)

Japanese Chamber of Commerce, São Paulo, on EPC Contracts, Alliance Contracts, Consortiums and the Legislation Evolution (São Paulo, January, 2011)

IV World Airports Lawyers Association Conference (Dallas, USA, April, 2011), on Airports Privatization in Brazil: Recent News.

Airports Evolution Conference – Global Transport Forum (São Paulo, May, 2011). Invited to participate in the Panel on Airport Regulation.

International Seminar Airports Concession (São Paulo, April, 2011). Invited to participate as moderator in the Panel Legal Obstacles for the Concession Bids.

Brazilian Airports Concession Forum (São Paulo, September, 2011). Invited to present legal framework for the concessions of international airports of Guarulhos, Brasília and Viracopos and also to participate as moderator in the panel on Ordinance ANAC 192/2011.

SITA Conference in Brazil (São Paulo, Dec, 2011). The event aimed to present SITA’s practice, the major IT Company for Airports Operations with presence in over 150 Countries, in world events with ultimate technology for airports, such as the Formula 1 Race in Dubai, the Olympic Games in Australia and the World Cup in South Africa. Participated in the presentation the Brazilian privatization scenario to date and also to promote meetings between Brazilian private investors and SITA to begin conversations for future joint ventures related to the privatization of the Brazilian airports.


Federal Justice Panel on Tax Issues for Brazilian Infrastructure (May 2010), performing both as lecturer and coordinator. For this one morning panel, federal judges, lawyers and infrastructure groups representatives could freely discuss all the difficulties derived from the complexity of tax legislation.

Infrastructure Investment Summit (Rio de Janeiro, Nov-Dec 2010), on Privatization of the Brazilian Airports and the Case of the Public Concession of the Green Field Project of New International Airport of Natal/RN


FIESP Conference on Private Capital on Airport Concessions (São Paulo, Apr, 2009).  Participated in the event as a lecturer and as a coordinator. This event aimed to bring into Brazil experts from all over the world to discuss their international experience on private-run airports and the expectations for the modernization of airports in Brazil. The event took 2 days and had the support of the Industries Federation of the State of São Paulo (FIESP). There were Lecturers from government bodies (BNDES, ANAC, SAC, Secretaries of State of Development and Transport), national and international infrastructure groups, carriers, IATA, international airport authorities and others.


I World Airports Lawyers Association Conference, (Ciudad Real, Spain, April, 2008), on Brazilian Economic Growth and the New Perspectives for Airport Concessions to Private Companies

Member of Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association (WALA).

Member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA).

Member of the  Brazilian Association of Fiscal Law (ABDF).

Tax Consulting, Tax Planning, Tax Litigation, Business Social Security Consulting, Infrastructure and Concessions.

English and Spanish